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  1. How difficult is it to replace just the rear portion(bathroom) of the floor on a 75 trade wind? It only looks like the corners are bad about a foot and one half inward. Is it tough to just section it out and replace? I don’t know how far the cross brace of the frame is for the carrier of new floor section. Thinking about buying a 75 that has bad section. The rest looks good. Is it a common area for rot there in the back?

    • Hello from Clinton Utah. I’m new here as well, I have a 1972 Land-Yacht, International 30+ft. To really get it correct the first time, is to remove the whole R&R section and add some new flooring supports, and try seal off the whole area as one big facility to water-proof from damaging that area of the trailer. My unit sat in a field with less than 100 miles on it. The owners built a very large farm around this unit. Once winter settles next April, I’ll be removing the whole rest room area and installing a rather large retention area, such as those used in customized facilities, with reinforced walls. And it’s not a bad idea to install a commercial style emergency floor drain.
      Keeping the wet room self contained will actually help keep the rest of the trailer dry from humidity. I have been collecting flooring to do a complete redo and to remove the 35 plus year old carpet. Change is good as long as you take the time to really make it worthy to last another ?? years with your unit. This requires to actually remove the furniture, the walls, the flooring, it all needs to be removed in order to actually complete the structural upgrades. Save up for the aluminum I-beams and collect them as often as possible. I need to pull the flooring and the under-carriage to get to the collection tanks and water tanks, so upgrading the under carriage is a plus. There are so many videos on the web to help you along, watch them, write down your plans, draw them up to engineering specs, this actually will help give you a real understanding with your build. Almost like building a very small house, structurally sound if you follow how a house is built. Well, I’ve been on one now, good luck and if you need some moral support and answers, feel free to send me a mailer. Edgel

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