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AirstreamForsale.com is the number one site online for finding Airstream classified ads across the United States. This includes all types of Airstream brand RVs. From Class A (Motorhomes) to Class B (Camper Vans) and of course Travel Trailers.  AirstreamForSale.com is the resource for seeing all current RVs for sale in America.

Website Mission

On top of hosting directly submitted seller listings we attempt aggregate and catalog Craigslist ads from across the US into one location for easy viewing for those interested in purchasing an Airstream RV. We focus on Craigslist ads for two reasons. First it is the most popular online classifieds site and second because there is not currently any easy tool for quickly searching all of the US. In addition we do include posts from other popular online sources such as eBay and RV Trader. Other benefits of using this site are as follows.

  • Direct source for sellers to list their RVs
  • Research reference for buyers and sellers to see past Airstream pricing
  • Catalog of various custom RVs and Airstream modifications


Sold Listings

As we look to be an online resource for buyers and sellers to see past sale prices of various Airstream model motorhomes, campers and trailers across the US; we do not remove the ads once they are sold. We do however, do our best to mark them as sold and remove the sellers contact information. If you are a seller and would like your information removed from this site please contact us. View our Website Disclaimer for more information about this.

You can use the navigation on the far right to begin navigating our listings. Also you can continue reading below to learn a little more about the Airstream Company and brand along with other resources we offer on this site.

Thank you for visiting AirstreamForSale.com!


Website Content

Although the primary goal of this site is to display ads from Craigslist we do provide other resources related to Airstream RVs. This includes content on this along with links to other websites online with pertinent information about Airstream trailers, campers and motorhomes. Listed below are some of the topics we cover on this website.

  • History of the Airstream company
  • Types of RV’s Airstream currently makes along with popular past models
  • Access to Airstream online forums
  • Websites the detailed information about Airstream restorations
  • Where to find OEM and aftermarket parts
  • Where to rent or buy new Airstream RVs

To access this info use the links in Site Resources section in the menu.


Visitor Feedback

We have recently launched this website and welcome the feedback of our visitors.  Our goal is to make this site the ultimate resource for finding used Airstream RVs.  We also aim to be a central hub for everything Airstream related.  We welcome the feedback of visitors to this site for how we can improve it and make the viewing experience better.  Rather you are a casual buyer or an Airstream enthusiast we would love to here from you.  Please send us a message on our Contact Page.  Please include “Website Feedback” in the subject line.  Thank you for helping us improve the use of this website.