1963 Ambassador 28T

No Longer Available

Please note this ad is a repost, please contact the seller directly for more information and to purchase.

Key RV Facts

-Model Year: 1963
-Type: Trailer (Ambassador)
Length: 28 FT

Ad Information

-Source: Craigslist
-Location: Three Points, Arizona
-Asking Price: $2,600
-Seller Type: Private Owner
-Contact Info: No Longer Available

Description: 1963 Airstream Ambassador 28T

Mostly gutted, with some of the original cabinets left in kitchen area only. Most of the floor is good, except an area in the back. A couple of broken window, but these are flat glass, that’s easily repaired. Still has the water tank, and the black water tank. Still very repairable and restorable. Tires hold air, and have good tread, but are rotten, will probably make a local tow, but I wouldn’t trust them for a long trip. We are 15 miles southwest of Tucson.

See these links for specs. It is the Ambassador 28′ twin.
http://www.airstream.com/files/library/b78470a858765a77.pdf except it’s a ’63

Took it on a trade. The previous owners bought it at an estate auction, where it had sat in a field for years. Therefore, we don’t have a title. I’ll provide a notarized AZ DMV bill of sale. I was going to build in into an office for my wife, but plans have changed. Would make a great hot dog wagon, mobile coffee shop, portable massage parlor, guest house or whatever you can dream up. Whatever you decide to do with it, it will have the Airstream Charm.

$2600.00 OBO. e-mail with questions.
If ad is still up, it is still available, so don’t ask. Don’t bother to make an offer via e-mail. If you want to come look at it, make an offer, maybe we can work something out, in person.
Cash or PayPal only. Can hold for awhile, with a deposit.


RV Photos

1963 Three Points AZ

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