1953 Avion 20FT

No Longer Available

Please note this ad is a repost, please contact the seller directly for more information and to purchase.

Key RV Facts

-Model Year: 1953
-Type: Trailer (Avion)
Length: 20 FT

Ad Information

-Source: Craigslist
-Location: Long Beach, California
-Asking Price: $11,000
-Seller Type: Private
-Contact Info: No Longer Available


Mantiques, SoCal’s go to dudes for all things old and rad, has a magnificent Airstream-esque trailer for sale at the most reasonable (& negotiable) of prices. AVION is a company that gave Airstream a run for its money when it introduced this lightweight alternative in the early 50’s. With a refurbished and modern interior, excellent outer condition, and time-tested durability, this trailer would make a perfect addition to a camping family’s driveway or loner’s adventurous campsite!

Come and see this beauty in person before someone else drives away with it!

*When we brought the AVION down from NorCal we found it to be so lightweight, it didn’t even feel like anything was behind us! We love CASH at Mantiques but the price and method of payment could be altered for the right buyer! Are you the right buyer?

Contact Michele at any time, day or nite, to schedule a viewing!



RV Photos

1953 Long Beach CA

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